Live in running betting

Live Six Nations Rugby Match Betting

One of the most interesting ways to have a bet on the Six Nations is to open an account with Betfair and look at betting in running.

Six Nations in running betting is very simply put you bet as the match is underway and this can be a very enjoyable way to watch the Six Nations and the idea here is to lay the low price and back it back at a higher price, very similar to trading stocks on the stock exchange.

As betfair give you the opportunity to back and lay then this type of trading is now possible and you can if you get on the right side of the bets show a nice profit even before the match is over. Similarly if you are on the wrong side of the equation you can always cut your losses and minimise your losses.

Betfair open in running markets on the handicaps of the match as well just make sure there is enough liquidity in the market so you can get in and out easily.

One other important thing to point out is that you are only charged commission on the end result of you trading and only if you are a winner are you charged up to 5% of your winnings but this figure does come down as you build up betfair points.

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Popular Types of Online Rugby Bets

There are many different types of bets that can be placed on Rugby Matches in the Six Nations Championship, the main ones are:

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