Six Nations Match Betting

Some of the main Six Nations match betting market include the first try scorer, the total points in the game, the winning margin, half time full time, who and method of first points scored and the list goes on and on with some bookmakers putting up over 20 individual bets on every game in the Six Nations fixtures.

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First Try Scorer - This has to be one of the hardest Six Nations bets to get right and as such the odds are pretty good for picking the winner as any one of the thirty players on the field could score the first try and of course there is a 31st option with No try scorer always a possibility.

Total Points in the Game - The bookmakers put up a grid of points usually in small spreads and the size of the spread depends on how close they think the game will be and the amount of points in the game. The idea is simple just select the points spread that you think will amount to the total points in the game.

Winning Margin - This is almost like a double result type Six Nations betting and it quite tough especially in close games as not only must you get the winning team correct but also the amount of points that the team will win by.

Half Time Full Time - Many people fall into the trap of selecting the team that should win and then put them down to be winning at half time and this can be a mistake as plenty of favourites only get on top in the second half when all the pressure tends to make the difference as is highlighted again and again as proved by the number of late tries scored in a game.

Who and Method of First Points Scored - This is quite a fun Six Nations bet as most people tend to go for a penalty but the drop kick is becoming more prevalent in recent times and then of course the try is always a strong probability and then you have to get correct the team who will get the fist points.

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Popular Types of Online Rugby Bets

There are many different types of bets that can be placed on Rugby Matches in the Six Nations Championship, the main ones are:

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