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Six Nations Outright Bets

Most Rugby punters love to have a Six Nations bet as all the teams except Italy probably think they are going to win the tournament every year but if you take a look back on pervious winners it becomes apparent that generally the French and English in recent years have dominated the event.

The online bookmakers will reflect these factors in their 6Nations odds and usually these teams will be very short in the market but everything usually goes in cycles and the online bookmakers take recent form into account when pricing up the market.

You can check out the latest Six Nations winners prices on this site and these are updated throughout the six weeks of the tournament.

Prior to the start of the Six Nations the online bookmakers will put up odds for the Top Try scorer for the Six Nations tournament as a whole and here you are looking for the key players from the teams that are likely to win the event scoring the most amount of tries to yourself the best chance of winning this bet.

Another Six Nations betting market put up prior to the start of the tournament is the top Points Scorer and here there is a much more limited field as you will be looking to bet on the penalty kickers from the leading sides and as such there odds for this bet type will be quite short but this is a nice bet to have as it can keep you interested in the Six Nations fixtures all the way to the end.

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Popular Types of Online Rugby Bets

There are many different types of bets that can be placed on Rugby Matches in the Six Nations Championship, the main ones are:

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